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Keep Your Woman Happy With You

Guys complain that women do not make sense. Ladies whine that men don’t make good sense. Also after hanging with many guys like my daddy, grandfather, godfather, brother and my bro’s pals, I still cannot very comprehend exactly how a man’s mind works Nevertheless, I have actually listened to enough women grumble to know some […]

Female Insecurity

Overcoming Insecurity

by Peter James It never ceases to amaze me how insecure a woman is about her body. She can have the best set of breasts on the face of the earth and she will still be concerned if her ankles are fat. This has always pissed me off. I guess because I don’t understand it. […]


The Perfect Night

by Cheeky Muffy We all have tried to get girls that seem impossible to reach. People will tell you all the time “oh you can never get her”, why? Why can’t you have her? Here are some simple rules and guidelines to go by to help you out. Here is a guide to get any […]