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Female Erogenous Zones

Considering that the physical body of a female is one of the most wonderful things in a man’s life, it is only organic that men should want to be a lot more interested concerning what areas must be touched to steer a woman untamed with need. The erogenous zones are areas of the girl and […]


Are You A Pro In Lovemaking?

Many guys like looking at adult porn. There is absolutely nothing incorrect with this. The problem is when they enjoy something on movie and try to do it. You soon understand that you can not do it. Do you keep in mind the first time you saw someone on TV try a stunt on a […]

There are still a few things that people consider taboo in bed

Are you in to taboo sex? Taboo means something that society or religion teaches against. I’m not sure much is taboo these days. Pretty much everything we can think of we can do. There are still a few things that people consider taboo in bed. Usually these are the things that make us so horny […]

Myths Surrounding Anal Sex

Among all sexual practices that are allowed in polite conversation, anal sex is by far the least known and understood. There is still a thick layer of myths surrounding anal sex that obscure the simple facts and promote ideas and attitudes which should not belong in this century. Surveys show that one in four women […]