Are You A Pro In Lovemaking?

Many guys like looking at adult porn. There is absolutely nothing incorrect with this. The problem is when they enjoy something on movie and try to do it. You soon understand that you can not do it. Do you keep in mind the first time you saw someone on TV try a stunt on a bike and you tried to do it? You dropped on your ass and ran the home of sob to your mom. You might not sob to your mother when you can not carry out a sex act, unless you are in some odd incest cult, yet its just the same. I wonder exactly how many people truly spray sperm to their partners face, or put dick on there anus. Is pornography actually equivalent to REAL sex ?!?!?

You can’t anticipate yourself to be able to do the things they do. They are pros at it. I know that sounds comical, often I desire I was a pro at making love. That is the things that they are however. That is why they obtain paid the big bucks to reveal it all for the camera. They could bend themselves in to positions that we can’t also envision. The females can draw a cock two times as lengthy as a normal female can. When was the last time you saw a woman take a big penis in her back entrance and ask yourself how she could take all of it?

Some women enjoy attempting out just what they see on the tv. That doesn’t mean though that they play with themselves with the sex toys all day long viewing pornography. That means that they are truly in to the sex behaves. That is like striking pay dust my buddy. If you went to a gambling establishment lights would certainly be flashing informing you that you gained a reward. Well, let’s reduce a little below. There is one problem, kind of a large issue. A lot of men see these things in the motion pictures and they are also ashamed to ask their lover to attempt it out. I’m unsure why this is, but possibly it has to do with the fact that you need to admit to seeing pornography.

You will certainly never ever know if you never ask. If you run under the blankets every time you wish to try something new, she won’t ever before know just what performs your thoughts. Though it might feel like it at times, women aren’t mind visitors. You have to tell her just what you intend to do. Do not be ashamed. Chances are there are brand-new points she would certainly such as to do. You stand a much better possibility of behaving out your fantasizes if you keep an open line of communication open. Just what do you have to loose? You should remember that simply due to the fact that she likes to obtain vicious, that does not suggest that she is nasty. When you see your lady doing these sex acts reviewed to the woman you see in the film doing it, you have to keep a different mind established. In your thoughts the woman in the motion picture is a filthy slut, in reality, the lady doing this to you is the woman you need to get up alongside.

If you plan on being with this lady for a lengthy period of time, then you need to be able to discuss your sexual dreams. If you do not you will certainly finish up with a lot of constructed up tension or one hell of a credit card costs from purchasing porn video clips all the time. If you anticipate her to go along with yours, you have to anticipate to go along with hers.

You need to get some oils and maybe even some kinky clothing. Do a little job having fun in bed. Be that big bad rental fee collector and she does not have the cash to pay this month. Tell her that she will need to lie on her spine and screw you for this months lease. Do kinky stuff that turns both of you on. Typically there is some happy medium that you could get to concerning points like this. Make it fun, be a star.

Don’t be unrealistic. Don’t expect her to be able to roll up in a ball like putty while you bang her. Chances are most males and females cannot obtain themselves in the placements that they see in the flicks. That is simply a reality you will have to live with. Instead, remove bits and pieces that you know you will certainly have the ability to do. Do a variant of doggy style or something like that. Have her placed on a cushion so her buttocks factors greater up compared to normal. That kind of thing. Find means to function around all of it.

If you aren’t also requiring, things will fall in to spot. You aren’t a movie supervisor, don’t inform her ways to make her every step. That will just place way too much pressure on her. If you were placed under that much tension you would not have the ability to perform. So will not have the ability to either. When it comes to behaving out your beloved sex situations, keep a clear and sensible mind. This will certainly aid you get the most bang for your porno buck. It will keep you a satisfied consumer once more and once again.


Sex For Money

You are spending a lot of cash on your date, you are having an excellent time, you are acquiring some action. Pay attention to the times you obtain sex. Do you mainly get laid after you invest a great deal of money on her?

Ask her regarding her ex’s. What sort of jobs they had. If her last couple of ex-boyfriend’s had higher paying tasks, opportunities are she is a gold miner. She doesn’t wish you, she does not like your business, all she likes is your pocketbook.

I frequently discover that older men acquire trapped in to this. They are looking for a youthful lady to make them forget they are aged. Possibilities are that at their age, they have developed a great cost savings and have an excellent task. This is pay dust for the gold miner.

If a lady senses that you are very lonesome, she may also attempt to gold dig. They know that you will do nearly everything to be with her. Really, you are spending for the sex. That is everything you doing. That, and you are paying for someone to lie to you.

This could seem like a strange tip, yet hear me out. If you read carefully, it will certainly all make good sense.

Have you ever before thought of checking out an escort. Now, choose up your jaw and offer me a couple of secs to explain myself. I understand that going to these ‘working ladies’ protests everything that your mom showed you.

You are spending for the sex any sort of means. What is the distinction actually? Do you believe that because one calls themselves a slut and one more one is lying to you, makes that much of a distinction?

I understand what you are believing. There is likewise a danger of acquiring something even if you utilize a condom. This is also true for having sex with your gold digging friend.

There are many sorts of sex that you can do with an escort that is almost risk free of charge. Listed here are some suggests for kinds of sex acts that you can do.

Foreplay. Most of us adore oral sex. If you put on a condom, this is nearly run the risk of free. Have her suck it two times, you will certainly rejoice you did!

Masturbatory stimulation. It is virtually difficult for you to obtain an STD with the companion masturbating you. Enjoy it. There are some wonderful methods that she can spice this up so it feels excellent as gold. She can snuggle your testicles with one hand while she snags away with the other hand. Just consider the things you like to do, when she does it, it will certainly feel a lot better.

If you go to a companion, in the lengthy run you will be saving money. Typically times the excellent looking ones cost at the very least 100 a hr. If you consider it, even getting laid 2 times a week, you are still conserving cash.

The companion won’t ask you to pay her 400 dollar phone bill. It is totally sex for cash.

All in all, be thrifty with your money. If you are spending for sex, obtain the most bang for your buck.


Women Want To Be Kissed

Kissing is something that I could talk about time and time once again and never obtain worn out. What can I claim, I enjoy to kiss? Absolutely nothing is much better than a great kiss. Absolutely nothing makes the birds seem to perform louder, the lawn appear greener compared to a wonderful kiss. We have actually spoken in previous information concerning kissing, but not actually too much concerning procedures. You aren’t born a good kisser. The only point that will certainly assist you is education and method. I make certain pleased there are points like kissing to practice in life, life would certainly have been tiring if all it was, was geometry. Let’s talk about different methods that you can kiss. Take some notes and technique on your female. She will certainly like the brand-new attention.

There is the domination. Most of us have seen those WWII clips of them men returning from battle and kissing their spouses. This is a kiss with some power behind it. It can say numerous things.

A kiss similar to this will certainly thump her off of her feet. If you haven’t seen her for awhile, maybe you might use this kiss. If you are very turned on and cannot contain yourself any type of others, you might utilize this kiss. Most of us have had those solid minutes where we seem like we have to kiss somebody. We need an electrical outlet for all the sex-related aggravation that we are really feeling. The excellent aspect of a kiss is, it is easy and quick as well do. You could get your sexual stress out without having to remove your clothing. The aspect of shock is what makes a lady the wettest. This isn’t a kissing strategy per se, but you will get the drift.

While you are kissing her, roam her physical body with your hands. Before you provide your woman a kiss, make certain your breath smells okay. Do not go kissing her if you simply ate a tuna on rye sandwich.

Permits talk more regarding kissing and not the do’s and do n’ts. The discover kiss. This is where you invest some time getting to understand her mouth.

The peck prior to bed. You understand you aren’t obtaining laid when you obtain that minor peck before she rolls over in her flannel night dress. It doesn’t need to be such a minor upright kiss. As an alternative, consider her eyes when she offers you that little peck. Run your fingers with her hair and inform her that you enjoy her. This will provide her wonderful goals all night long.

Much like the peck prior to bed, transform that peck before you leave for output in to something unique. Inform her that you will be thinking about her all day while at the workplace. When you state it, look her in the eyes and smile. When you obtain home, this will keep her waiting for. You could also utilize kisses to see where she goes to sexually. Kiss her and locate out if you are turned on however you are not sure if she is. Offer her a long sluggish kiss, if she returns wishing more, compared to you know you are visiting score in the sack. You aren’t getting set tonight if on the various other hand after you are done she is chatting concerning he costs you owe that month.

With the appropriate kiss you could make her really horny when it comes to sex. If you aren’t certain that you will acquire laid, a kiss is an excellent way to test the waters. A kiss can likewise be a method to reveal affection.

Kissing shows passion. It perhaps sexual or just love, yet it does it all the same. Your woman will certainly reply to this the same way time and time again. She will certainly be happy to feel your lips on hers. Don’t forget, you can never ever acquire a lot of kisses in your life time.


Why Not Turned On By The Idea Of Making Love

The new morality of the 60’s and the encouraging slogan of “make love not war” helped to maximize several of the social taboos which had for years surrounded grownup sexuality, and ladies particularly.

This new freedom gave us all approval to savour, and take pleasure in, innovative and spontaneous sex so long as we were acting properly and had actually gotten to approval. Now, when every little thing is in spot and the opportunity emerges, why are so several of us not turned on by the possibility of making love, even when we have extremely genuine feelings for the individual suggesting it?

It could be of some comfort to understand that you’re definitely not alone. Research shows that countless men and women of all ages are bothered by a flagging sexual drive.

Our sex-related functions are both multifaceted and intricate and nobody is anticipated to always be in the mood yet it’s not excellent if this problem, which the experts call ‘hypo-active sexual need condition’ (HSDD), lingers for any type of length of time.

You could be able to trick yourself that you’re better off leading a life that’s not frequently disrupted by lustful ideas and acts but an absence of libido is detrimental to your general well-being and will most certainly wreak havoc with your personal connection.

The stresses of modern-day living and the issues regarding family, work and finances, take their toll on lots of people’s sex drive. Loss of libido is additionally common after giving birth, which is perhaps associateded with hormone adjustments or could possibly very just be due to exhaustion.

To respond to all or any of these aspects, begin by making sure that you acquire enough work out and sleep, adhere to a healthy diet and don’t consume excessive liquor or smoke a lot of cigarettes. There are additionally some very good natural supplements like Horny Goat Weed or Tribulus Terrestris Cast that make sure that your body has the appropriate hormone harmony, which are required to function optimally.

Various other means to recapture your shed sex-related desire consist of doing points that stimulate your senses and make you pleased. Cheerful individuals consider sex much more frequently and indulging in your beloved aphrodisiacs like oysters and champaign or excellent dark delicious chocolate pudding with ripe strawberries will certainly most certainly aid points along.

It’s likewise essential to get your partner included. Discuss exactly how you feel and ask for their help and understanding. Emotional affection like contacting, holding hands and whispering kind words and sweet absolutely nothings are wonderful precursors to sexual intimacy.

Secure the candlesticks, switch on soft and soothing music and recommend that you share back massage therapies. Introducing an excellent vibrating massager can be extremely practical, because the much more efficient the method the more likely you both are to end up being relaxed and aroused.

Make certain that neither one areas stress on the other to go additionally, unless you both so wish.

Keep in mind that any sort of sex-related stimulation is prone to getting us desiring more. As soon as you’re back on monitor, keep going.

Get hold of a couple of sex toys to spice things up a bit. Doing something various and titillating is stimulating and motivating. A lot of men and women find that, although vibrators aren’t a substitute for a companion, they put into foreplay and intercourse and provide them a greater level of sex-related need, greasing and a much more intense climax.

That’s why sex tools are called toys; they keep us wanting to play.

There could be a medical reason for your flagging sex drive if none of this works. There is no self-disgust in recognizing that you’re experiencing troubles and finding professional support, so talk with your General Practitioner they have actually heard everything before.

Prior to you do that, make the time and put in the effort to function it out yourselves, the results could possibly just be mind blowing.


Women Control The Sex In A Relationship

Ladies manage the sex in a partnership. To recognize why females regulate sex, we should recognize ladies in basic. In the childhood years phase, ladies recognize that they could manage every little thing.
They obtain a little more mature and understand that boys take note of their developing busts. They understand this steers the boys ridiculous and will certainly behave as necessary.

I utilized to understand a female that I functioned about that would certainly massage her tits on manly colleagues to obtain them to do points for her. Kind of strange exactly how much power ladies have.

They manage every facet of the sex. If she does not wish to have sex, she will certainly make up some hair brained reason for not having it.

Guy frequently times relate sex about worthwhile ness. If she does not have sex about you one evening, you feel like you have allow her down in some means. It is since you permit her down, she does not desire to have sex about you.

Back in the aged days, individuals made use of to negotiate for solutions and products. Many of us go to the outlet and pay for our points about cash.

It still goes on to this day. Ladies negotiate for sex.

It could go something like this, ‘Honey, after we have sex would certainly you clean the auto’. It could seem like a basic point, if you had actually delivered up sex to start about.

Somebody often finishes up obtaining the brief end of the stick. That is real, yet we still utilize it for sex.

Among the means that you could prevent this is by attempting to transform her on. You may simply be able to rack up if you are able to obtain her horny sufficient. When we are horny, none of us could withstand.

You can not permit your female to regulate sex. If she has a legitimate explanation for not desiring to have sex, after that I would certainly recognize it. No one desires to have sex under these disorders.

If on the various other hand, she regulates sex and has no factor to, you should reassess your placement some. You would certainly be reconsidering the Struggle of Bunker Hillside if this was the civil battle. Or in this situation, the Fight of the Stinky Pile.

You require to comprehend that no one must manage ONE HUNDRED % of everything in your life. Why enable her to regulate exactly how much sex you have?

If out of the last 10 times you asked for sex you were transformed down 5 times or even more, you require to have a talk. Do not permit on your own to be tricked about her ‘all you believe regarding is sex’ regular. If you have actually been transformed down that a lot of times, all you believe regarding is sex since you aren’t obtaining any kind of!

The the very least she could possibly do is place out from time to time. Believe of it like this, if you have not had it for a lengthy time, exactly how long are you going to last? She could save 10 mins of her life so you could obtain your stones off.

lengthor girth

Women Prefer Girth Instead Length

I doubt if there is a man out there, who does not took a ruler and measured his male member at least once in his lifetime. A quick peek through history will tell you, poets, philosophers, writers and artists alike have all tried to define the average and above average measure for manhood. Erotic art is full of examples of exaggerated manhood, because it is generally believed that the penis mirrors a guy’s sexual power and vigor. It’s not difficult to see why bigger is still thought to be better even in this so-called new millennium.


So going back to the age-old question, “does size really matter?” Both men and women alike are desperate to know what really gives. Men are equally obsessed, if not more so, with their penis size as women are with their breast size. In fact, a lot of them are keen on finding out ways to make their member larger. That explains why the penis enlargement industry is booming by leaps and bounds, offering everything from cream, pills, traction devices, and even surgery. The media and the fanatical stories of ‘well-endowed’ men have probably contributed to the already bizarre subject of penis size.


Studies show that the average penis size is not the 12″ poles being bandied about in porn. Actually, average is between 5.5 to 6.4 inches in erect length and 4.7 to 5.2 inches in girth. Now there is one myth that needs to be put to rest: penis size is completely unrelated to height or hand, feet, and nose size simply because there is no bone in the penis.


You probably heard it from countless women that “it’s not the size that matters but how you use it.” Though the length of the penis has not much to do with sexual pleasure, girth on the other hand may indeed matter in the long run. As what some reproductive therapists explain countless times, it has something to do with stimulating the G-spot that is supposed to be located about two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina.


Anyway, personal preference is still based on the individual woman, some may like big while others small. When we ask a woman what does she prefer over penis length and penis girth, Courtney (not her real name), said that she likes her partner to have “meatier” penis, meaning fuller penis. She said that the nerves in her vaginal walls (located near the entrance of the vagina and the anus) are better stimulated during intercourse. Thus, girth might be significant here given that a meatier penis can stretch out the vaginal or anal walls that stimulate the nerves. This creates friction and sensation that most women crave during intercourse. She further added that even though the penis is the vital equipment in love making, it’s also the combination of skill, passion and romance that heightens the sensation.


To say that men who are small are no good in the sack is a hasty generalization and just short of discriminating. In general, women are more concern about the man’s entire package, rather than just the one between their thighs. Women also seek passion, intimacy and emotional connection. Try to show her your love by giving her flowers, a sensual massage, or a bath with rose petals.

Penis Size

The importance of keeping track

The first step of any undertaking is always the hardest. That’s why penis enlargement has to start with a double proof of honesty from you, the customer. The first proof is an honest commitment to the penis enlargement program, while the second is an honest measuring of your penis. If you are persistent and stick to the program of exercises, you will see the good results of your effort sooner than you think. If you measure your penis without exaggerating or trying to protect your ego, then you will be a lot happier when the first inches begin to show. And after having measured your starting length and girth, open your logbook and create the first entry. This first entry is the starting point of your road to becoming a different person.

The length and girth of the penis have to be measured in both the flaccid and erect states, in order to have an accurate view of the penis size. Measuring correctly is vital in this case, more so because your penis is not a piece of wood or metal. The penis is made of tissues that contract and expand according to room temperature, physical exertion and certain psychological factors. Just knowing that you are going to measure your penis is enough to get the blood flowing into the Corpora Cavernosa. Therefore you should try to be as calm as possible before measuring your penis. For both the flaccid and erect states, length is always measured from the side, while standing up straight and keeping the penis extended in front of you. Do not stretch the penis, but simply prop it with your fingers. Girth should always be measured at the middle of the shaft. Remember to use the same spot every time you measure your penis.

Every time you measure your penis, remember to write the size down in your logbook. This way you will be able to identify the growth pace of your own body, based on how much the time it took to add an extra inch of tissue to the penis. At first, you will probably think little of the Penis Health logbook. After all, it contains nothing more than your starting size. However, a couple of months later the logbook will be proof of the results brought by your persistence and a source of pride. It will also help you set the pace of workouts. Be careful, though, because it is far too easy to give in to eagerness and measure your penis every week, although one week is too short to notice any significant changes. Too frequent measuring leads to depression and loss of motivation.

The bottom line is that you need to give a proper place to the logbook. You should not become obsessed with it, but you should not forget all about it either. If you think you may not remember to measure your penis and make a logbook entry every month, then try setting automatic reminders. The mobile phone or computer calendar can make perfect reminders, but feel free to use any method you are comfortable with or have employed successfully before. Thus, your logbook will be both proof of your hard work within the Penis Health program of exercises and a warning that there is still much to be done.

Female Insecurity

Overcoming Insecurity

by Peter James

It never ceases to amaze me how insecure a woman is about her body. She can have the best set of breasts on the face of the earth and she will still be concerned if her ankles are fat. This has always pissed me off. I guess because I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how a woman can be so obsessive about her body. The funny part is, I don’t think most men care. I don’t think most men care if there is stretch marks on her stomach. Most men won’t even look, but women are obsessed. You need to understand this about your woman and try to help her. It will eat her alive if you tell her that her that her nose makes her look like Porky the Pig. If you love your woman, then you want to have the most stable relationship possible. If it is unstable, chances are you won’t be getting laid.

All women are insecure about their asses. You would think by how insecure they are by it, that the sun rises and sets on it. I’ve never understood this, but like most things with women I have come to terms with it. There are ways that you can help make her feel better about her ass.

Have her lay on her stomach. Start off by massaging her shoulders and back. Go down and massage her ass. While you are doing it, tell her how nice it is. Tell her how aroused it makes you to touch her ass. Usually during this, I will try to insert a few fingers into her vagina. If she says anything, tell her that you got too horny touching her ass.

Some women have cellulite. It is the stuff on her body that looks like cottage cheese. If she is uncomfortable about this, tell her how much you like to kiss her thighs before you have oral sex. Tell her that you can’t even notice that she has any. Act stupid and pretend like you never seen it. Don’t act too stupid, or she will know that you are lying.

If your woman has a spare tire around her stomach, don’t make her fret over it. Tell her to look at it until she feels comfortable with it. If this don’t work, have her lye down and kiss her stomach. Tell her how much it makes you horny when you kiss her down there. She will eat this up.

Ever have a woman turn out the lights before you have sex? She is probably doing this to prevent you from seeing her body. Tell her that you want to watch her beautiful body as she has an orgasm. Try to emphasize that you want to see her beautiful body.

No person is perfect. We would all wish that our women were perfect little love machines, but they aren’t. Even the women on television aren’t perfect. This is probably why you don’t see most of them totally nude. Underneath it all, there is a imperfection some where.

You need to let your woman know that even though she isn’t perfect, no person is. Tell her about what you feel your imperfections are. Point them out to her, go in detail if you have to.

I’m not saying you should break down and become manic when you tell her this. Use common sense. Don’t go out of your way to cry or act depressed. She will see this coming a mile away. Instead, be honest and open about it. Tell her that one leg is bigger than the other or whatever your problem is.

It is important that you understand how your woman views herself. You need to listen to her so that you know what she thinks her faults are. Tell her what you feel are her strong points. Does she have nice breasts? Does she have nice legs? Tell her about it!

The best sex occurs when two people feel comfortable with themselves. If she feels comfortable around you, she will be more active in bed. That is your incentive to help her become comfortable with herself. If you want to have that earth pounding orgasm that floods the room with semen, then you better make her feel comfortable.

I think of the issue about making your lover comfortable like this. If you were a painter, would you be able to paint a picture if you were very nervous? Would you be able to paint a straight line if there was a bomb going off next to you? No, you wouldn’t be able to. This is what it is like for your woman. She can’t perform if she doesn’t feel comfortable naked around you.

If she doesn’t feel comfortable after all that you have told her and done with her. I would suggest that you try breathing excesses. You can easily find directions for these on the net. These are a great way to relax and relieve stress as well. Both of you should do this together.



The Perfect Night

by Cheeky Muffy

We all have tried to get girls that seem impossible to reach. People will tell you all the time “oh you can never get her”, why? Why can’t you have her? Here are some simple rules and guidelines to go by to help you out. Here is a guide to get any girl you want! Make it happen, nothing is easy out there but if you do things the right way she will be all yours. Be confident with who you are and who you want to be. A woman loves nothing more then to be hanging around with a man who’s confident. Know that you’re smart, know that you’re handsome and a great fun person for anyone to be with. Don’t be conceited though.

1. One of a kind – Women love to be pampered and we love to be adored. We love to have a man know what our favorite flower is. Ask and we will tell, it’s that simple. Me personally I hate red roses. men give them to women all the time because they think “well everyone else like them so will she” WRONG! Each one of us is a different person. She might love roses but if you’re trying to get me get me something that’s different. Exotic is always good. Something you don’t see around alot. Just a simple flower can make a huge difference in the way she looks at you. Make a night she’ll never forget. Being as polite as possible but letting her know that you have thought about the date and you think she will enjoy what you have planed for the two of you. A woman likes a man who’s in control. Don’t get me wrong we like to have some control too but there’s just something about a man that knows what he wants. It’s very sexy.

2.Quiet time
– It’s very hard to get to know someone when you’re at a loud party. After you have been eyeing the girl you want for a little while to see if she’s taken or if she’s with someone etc… ask her if she’s like to have a drink with you. Pick a quiet spot and get to know her and let her know you. If all goes well with that conversation ask her if she’d like to go out for coffee or a quiet walk just outside. You don’t want her thinking that you’re trying to rape her or anything so if she says no relax and take it slow. Make her feel safe. Whatever you do give her your undivided attention. Women crave this!

3. brawn and brains
-Let her knwo that you’re into her. Make comments on how smart she is. Women love that. There’s no better feeling then when someone just out of nowhere and compliments you. Smile at her and say “you’re amazing, you’re intelligent and beautiful”. Don’t always talk about how pretty she is, that can get dull after a while. We want to knwo that you’re not only thinking about our physical attributes. We like you to think of us as equals.

4.I need a say
-Opinions, we all have them and we all voice them. Be open mined when listening to her’s. Ask her how she feels about things. About life,death,love anything to see how she feels about certain topics. Get to know her mentally the rest will all come in time and you’ll both be more in tuned with each other.

5.Make an impact
-Woo her, meaning the little things make a big difference. Men today don’t open doors for women and women love that. Do the little things that make a difference. Also do things like when ordering desert only order one not two. This way you can share it. Feed her and let her feed you, make a little game out of it. Write a little note and have it sent to her office ” looking forward to tonight”. We all know that women pick at the little things because most men don’t bother anymore. Make an impression and do them.

6. Mood of romance
-Create an atmosphere of comfort. Appeal to all her senses. Play slow romantic music. Get her favorite beverage (there’s nothing worse then drinking something you don’t like or drinking it because you have no choice). Talk with respect and listen to her, treat her like a queen. Wherever you bring her make sure it’s clean and relaxing. When you get her to this point you can relax too.

7. -Foreplay isn’t oral sex and kissing. Foreplay is anything to set the mood. Example: send her flowers at work for no reason at all. Let her know you’re thinking about her. When the night arrives (the date) take her by the hand a give a soft gentle kiss. Don’t be too pushy with her you might scare her. Take things nice and slow, it will all happen when it’s ready to happen.

8. Kids shall play
-Playtime is the best part of a date I would have to say. At home or out in public. Order one plate for the both of you, feed each other, tease one another, enjoy each other. This is the time when you let her know that you have a serious side but you also know when to hang up your tie. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. Act as if you’re all alone. Show her how playful you are, women love a man that loves playtime.

9.Forget about it
-Surprise! So you plan the whole date and it seems like she’s not having much fun. Well forget about it! Let fate decide whats going to happen next. The whole point of this date is to allow the two of you to get to know each other and enjoy your time with each other. Make suggestion and ask her if there’s anything that she’d like to do with you.It’s better to change and redirect plans then one or both of you not having a good time.

10.For me?
-Women love unexpected gifts from a man. It makes them feel special. Give her something that’s for her, not the last girl or whatever. She’s different so treat her differently. Women don’t like to be given the same flower or the same gift as the last girl. We want to be treated differently. Give her your gift when there’s only one way she can show you her appreciation for her gift.

Recovery Tips:

*Ending relationships is hard. Be as nice and respectful as possible.

*If you think you might have a S.T.D (sexually transmitted disease) you might want to take a walk to your local sexual health clinic.

*I know it’s hard and it really hurts when you break up, but that’s life. We all move on to another. Ask yourself this “why did we break up”? When people break up it’s usually a sign that something’s not there anymore. If you were cheated on or she cheated on you, then whoever did it had no respect for the other. Find someone that you will respect.

*Lust is where you’re attracted physically but not mentally. Love is where you love the person mentally, emotionally and physically. After you’ve have sex see if it’s lust or love. Love after sex is still there you can feel it. Lust is there and then it’s gone.

*Winning a woman’s heart:make her feel like she’s the only woman on the face of the earth.
*Take life a step at a time (day by day)

*First and foremost. Pick the perfect location. A little corner table, sitting beside each other. Candle lit, a nice bottle of wine. Soft romantic love songs. (Find out what her favorite songs are) Don’t forget to bring her her favorite flower. Last but not least that special gift just for her.

Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra, or Aphorisms on Love, is probably the best known of all love manuals. Written in Sanskrit by a man named Vatsyayana, the Kama Sutra comes from the words Kama meaning desire and Sutra meaning rules.

Adapted from a long history of rich oral tradition, the Kama Sutra was translated by an intrepid adventurer, the Englishman Sir Richard Burton, for the benefit of the English-speaking world.

The Kama Sutra contains about one thousand two hundred and fifty slokas or verses discussing the spiritual aspects of sexuality and presenting many sexual positions and techniques for enhancing enjoyment of sex. It includes detailed techniques in the art of seduction, courting, gift giving, kissing, preparation and use of aphrodisiacs, and the moral and ethical attitudes during marriage.

The ancient Hindus believed that life had three purposes: religious piety (Dharma), material success (Artha), and sexual pleasure (Kama). All three were equal, and the erotic was celebrated as the seat of earthly beauty.

The Kama Sutra is not to be used merely as an instrument for satisfying our desires; but also for obtaining the mastery over our senses and attaining higher levels of consciousness.

Kama Sutra Positions

Here are some of Kama Sutra positions, most of which are named after animals and nature, mirroring man’s relationship with the natural world. Note that the sexual organ of the man is called lingam, while the woman’s is called yoni.

The Missionary Position. It is the most common sexual position, universally appreciated by both novices and experts. The woman lies on her back and the man puts himself between her legs to penetrate her. A few cushions placed under the woman’s buttocks change the penetration angle and allow a deeper penetration.

The Bee. The woman sits on the lingam of her partner with her feet drawn up, himself seated with his legs outstretched. She can then revolve her hips so that her partner’s lingam circles deep within her yoni. He arches his body or lifts her buttocks or thighs to accompany her movements.

The Monkey. The man lies on his back, with his legs straight up. The woman sits on top of his thighs, using his feet as backrest. He then lifts her with his feet, to start up and down stimulation. The woman adds to this stimulation by undulating her pelvis in a lateral or circular motion.

The Lotus. The woman lies on her back as the man, sitting facing her, fastens her ankles around his neck. She grips her toes as she presents her well-opened yoni to her partner.

The Deer. The woman goes on all fours and straightens her back. The man kneels down and penetrates her from behind.

The Tortoise. The woman lays on top of the man with her legs open allowing his partner’s lingam slide inside her yoni. Once in place, they both straighten their legs rubbing their bodies laterally and horizontally against each other.

The Cat. The woman lies on her stomach while the man lifts her ankles to make love. Both partners then rock slowly from side to side.

The Elephant. The woman lies down so that the man can enter her from behind. She can leave her legs open for easier penetration, or tighten her thighs to firmly squeeze her partner’s lingam in her yoni.

The Swing. The man lies down on his back while the woman turns her back on him and crouches down on his lingam with her legs on either side of her partner’s hips.

The Dog. A classic position when the woman is on all fours. The man, kneeling, grips her waist and enters her from behind.

The Wheel. The man and woman starts in the classic Missionary Position. The man rotates slowly on his partner using his lingam as the axis of rotation until he has come back to his initial position.