Frottage or Petting Safety Measures


Frottage is specified in a variety of methods. Some people may think that frottage is a strictly gay activity but it isn’t. Some individuals suggest “dry-humping,” or rubbing the genital areas versus another individual while both are outfitted; some individuals make use of the word to explain the immoral and extremely unlawful practice of rubbing oneself versus others in a crowd for sexual satisfaction. Here, frottage will be described as the act of 2 or more bodies rubbing together dressed or unclothed to attain sexual stimulation.

Because it is a kind of sex that includes no penetration, some should believe that the practice is 100 % safe. That should not be the case. In the interest of preserving ideal penis health, males have to understand the dangers connected with this activity.


Anytime a male’s semen gets in a lady’s vaginal area, there is a possibility of pregnancy. Scientists still aren’t sure if pre-seminal fluid can trigger pregnancy, however it might have the ability to doing this. If they enable the male’s fluids near the opening of the lady’s vaginal area, this suggests that individuals engaging in genital rubbing might still run the danger of developing.


Sexually transferred diseases can be gone through skin-to-skin contact or through physical fluids like penile or vaginal discharge, or blood. Some STDs can be contracted through bare frotting like herpes,pubic louse,HIV and HPV, although the chance of transmitting these infections is far more lower than in case of penetrative sex.

It’s constantly a great idea to ask sexual partners the following:

– When were they last checked, for exactly what, and exactly what were the outcomes?

– Have they had brand-new partners ever since?

– How well do they understand their previous partners’ sexual histories?

– Do they make use of prophylactics with other partners?

Other Infections

Jock itch is dued to an overgrowth of the tinea cruris fungi and is a typical groin rash amongst males. It hardly ever affects females, it is possible for the fungi to spread out to them.

She can pass it through her fluids to a guy if a female has a yeast infection. Even if he’s not permeating, if she is damp and his penis gets her fluids on it, it’s possible to contract the yeast infection.


Rough, dry skin is a typical outcome of friction, and there’s no lack of friction while frotting, specifically if partners are doing this clothed. The vaginal location might end up being raw and aching, as might the penis. Both these outcomes frequently come along with penetrative sex.


If they take safety measures versus possible health concerns related to the practice, frotting partners will be best. It’s a competent concept to make use of prophylactics even though penetration isn’t really happening if pregnancy is not preferred and the partners are engaging in genital rubbing. This can likewise assist avoid the spread of any infections that should remain in the location, although it does not ensure this.

Another thing couples should wish to do is make use of lube while frotting. This can assist avoid a great deal of dry skin and chafing problems. Attempt to prevent rough products like jeans and garments with buttons or zippers if using clothing.

Guy should neglect the significance of skin care, however preserving healthy penile skin is important not just for the appearance and feel of the manhood, however for its capability to sense enjoyment. That’s why it’s a competent concept for males to make use of a quality penis health creme.

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