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Sex For Money

You are spending a lot of cash on your date, you are having an excellent time, you are acquiring some action. Pay attention to the times you obtain sex. Do you mainly get laid after you invest a great deal of money on her? Ask her regarding her ex’s. What sort of jobs they had. […]


Women Want To Be Kissed

Kissing is something that I could talk about time and time once again and never obtain worn out. What can I claim, I enjoy to kiss? Absolutely nothing is much better than a great kiss. Absolutely nothing makes the birds seem to perform louder, the lawn appear greener compared to a wonderful kiss. We have […]


Why Not Turned On By The Idea Of Making Love

The new morality of the 60’s and the encouraging slogan of “make love not war” helped to maximize several of the social taboos which had for years surrounded grownup sexuality, and ladies particularly. This new freedom gave us all approval to savour, and take pleasure in, innovative and spontaneous sex so long as we were […]