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There are still a few things that people consider taboo in bed

Are you in to taboo sex? Taboo means something that society or religion teaches against. I’m not sure much is taboo these days. Pretty much everything we can think of we can do. There are still a few things that people consider taboo in bed. Usually these are the things that make us so horny […]

watching porn can be a great way to spice up your sex life

Women hate to see their men stare at other women. That is why most of us guys have to look at porn in secret. They get too jealous at us looking at other women. So, we jack off in private and they get mad at that too. They get mad at the idea that we […]

Myths Surrounding Anal Sex

Among all sexual practices that are allowed in polite conversation, anal sex is by far the least known and understood. There is still a thick layer of myths surrounding anal sex that obscure the simple facts and promote ideas and attitudes which should not belong in this century. Surveys show that one in four women […]

We are in the age of shaving

The practice of trimming and shaving the pubic hair appears to be gaining popularity. I think it’s cool to do a little manscaping, but shaving seems to be a bit difficult in the area. The surface ain’t exactly smooth like a face. So in order to stay safe from cuts and after-shave itchiness, most men […]

Sex Without Intercourse

Kissing, cuddling and touching are an important part of lovemaking and couples that run their lives in this way use every opportunity to share such affection. The slightest touch or pat can be worth a thousand words and a hug at just the right time makes words redundant. Sometimes these little intimacies simply say, “I […]